Monday, May 7, 2012

{over} the weekend

{over} the weekend | may 5 & 6
This past week is pretty much a happy blur. Ryan and I found a cute house to rent and spent the whole week moving our stuff in (hence the absent blog posts).  This has been a very slow and tedious process, and by Friday I needed a real break from it all.  So, Saturday morning I caught a ride with Ryan's cousin over to visit my family in Sequim.  We had a wonderful day walking through the Irrigation Festival Arts and Crafts Fair (which luckily enough was within walking distance from my sister's house).  I thoroughly enjoyed warm roasted cinnamon almonds (in the blue and white bag above), and my sisters, brother and mother each picked out the sweetest looking dollar cupcakes, I bought a cherry almond soy candle (my favorite scent!), and while waiting for me to get an espresso my beautiful mother played her first game of chess taught by my little brother.  After the fair, the sun had come out and finally stayed for a while, so all us sisters decided to go on a little walk though the woods (it was so nice to have my sister Sarah there).  We brought the doggies.  They played and played.  There was green all around except for the blue sky, white clouds, and running water.  My baby sister and I took photos with our phones.  I got my moccasins muddy for the first time, and after complaining my sister Amber reminded me that originally they were made for the nature sort of terrain.  She was right of course, and instead of looking like perfect city shoes now they just barely have a little more character that remind me of a happy memory.  Sister time is the best.  Next, we went back to my mom's and found her in bed feeling yucky from allergies or a bug (we're still not sure) Amber and I went to the grocery store for her, cleaned the kitchen, made homemade broccoli cheese soup and gluten free brownies for dinner. We all loved the soup (and Betty Crocker brownies), and Mom looked tired but happy so we sent her off to bed, and fit in an hour of super fun Kinect dancing before heading home for the night.  Pretty much the perfect day off I'd say.  Sunday, Amber and I made blueberry smoothies for breakfast before meeting up with my mom and baby sister to head over to Seattle.  We all helped finish Ryan and my moving, hung flower baskets, laughed A LOT at all the silly things that happened during this whole process, and as the sun started to set said goodbye till next weekend.  So happy.  <3 Carrie


  1. This sounds like so much fun I wish I was there!!! I can't wait to come and see the new place :) You need to post the recipe for that soup sounds amazing!!!


  2. Sounds like an absolutely amazing perfect weekend! I'm happy you found a place to rent!!! Love these photos!

  3. Hi Carrie, glad you found a place! Great pics :)

  4. I can fell your happiness in your description and pictures. And don't you hate it when your siblings or other family members say something so right (i.e. the moccasins). Damn them! lol