Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{over the weekend} father's day

Time with Dad <3

Over the weekend I spent lots of time with my wonderful Dad. Ryan, my sister's and I went with him on an afternoon walk down a section of the Elwha River that had recently drained from the removal of a dam. We came across 100 year old tree stumps 15 feet high that still had chainsaw marks. It kind of felt like an odd wasteland surrounded by a thick forest of green trees with moss and flowers growing out of the sand and piles of rocks at our feet. The weather was muggy, warm, gray and drizzely all at the same time.  Such an amazing experience.

Below is a collage of phone pics from Ryan and I waiting for the ferry, the walk with my Dad, and another stroll with Amber, Waylon and the doggies at Port Williams Beach.....

Father's Day Weekend Collage

Forget Me-Nots in the sand
Exploring 100 Year Old Trees
This isn't the best photo, but I love it because it started sprinkling so hard at one point, that raindrops fogged up my camera lens making everything glow.....

Raindrops on my Lens

Mountain View

Walking on Rocks Drying Out

On Friday night my beautiful mother and I went for a stroll around her yard and ended up picking radishes from her garden. We munched on them right away for an evening snack while listening to all the birds chirp outside. Our day ended watching Pride and Prejudice, just me, my mom and little sister. My favorite part of the day was explaining the Old English to my little sis and seeing her fall in love with the movie.  Just like magic.

June Weekend Time with Dad Mastering the Sling Forget Me-Nots Sunday Run and Salad

And my favorite food of the weekend was this amazingly delicious salad that Amber and Waylon brought for Father's Day with my Step-Dad. Flowers in your salad is the best ever!!! Lots of love to both my dads.  <3 Carrie


  1. Oh gosh you're weekend sounds like it was awesome! I'm glad you got to spend it with your dad.

    Salad with flowers? I've never had it before but I might have to give it a go. Flowers are pretty so why can't they be yummy too, right?

  2. Not only a perfect weekend..but what a BEAUTIFUL country you live in! I hope I'll visit America someday. Enjoy the beauty!
    (Btw, those raspberries sound Delicious :)

  3. wow washington is beautiful!! got to love the PNW =)

  4. I
    XO MCB

  5. AWESOME photos! I am in awe that you can eat flowers. :) Loved the little story about your sis falling in love with Pride and Prejudice.

  6. Love,love, love the one under the 'foggy' one.