Wednesday, June 27, 2012

{the summer wishes} mini

{the summer wishes} mini
To help make my summer wishlist a reality I decided to create a minibook to hold all my wishes. Yesterday's DIY was the inspiration for binding it all together, using a chipboard flower mounted on a foam pop-up circle as the enclosure to wrap the ends of my bakers twine.

{wishes} all wrapped up

Each of the pages are loose and stacked inside the cover which is two pieces of 4x6 inch paper held together at the spine with a doily.

{inside} the cover stack {inside} the cover
Each wish is typed onto a piece of doily (i used my typewriter) and has it's own 4x6 page. I have 21 wishes total, and below are 20 of them (you can click on the image to see it larger if Flickr).

{tracking} my summer wishes {wish} lots of picnics
The backside of each page is a piece of notebook paper for adding memorabilia, photos, notes, etc..... The plan is, once I complete a wish, to mark it with a date stamp.  Origianlly, I was going to add the date on the back, but now I think I may add each one directly to it's doily (like in the example after the photo below).

{backside} of pages
Three of the 21 wishes are mounted on a piece of Hambly Transparency. The page below is a completed wish with the completion date stamped above the text and a movie stub adhered to the back (we went to a great movie the morning after our sleepover!) I have notes to add to this page (like memories of staying up late with my kid sister, watching you tube videos so we could learn how to speak with an Irish accent : ) and am still deciding how to do this with the transparency.

{completed} wish {memorabilia} from wish
It's going to be fun watching this book grow.  All in all, I am pretty excited about using this little gem of a mini as I track all the lovely things I hope to enjoy this summer. <3 Carrie

{wishes} front cover {stack} of pages {first} wish


  1. this is absolutely amazing, love love the doilies!!!

  2. Another great idea!!! Last night, I tried to make your heart enclosure... it doesn't look as great as yours, but I'm happy with the result :)
    I love all that different paper you used for your summer wishes book...I should run to the store to get some myself.

  3. Terrific idea! I plan to spend the next few days scrapbooking, now that I finally have time.

  4. That is a beautiful idea! I love your blog design too. I anxious to read more of your posts. I'm a new follower from My Creative Brightside.

  5. Sooo beautiful! I hope you fill it with lots of happy memories of the summer!