Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{autumn wishlist} make art for our bedroom wall

{bedroom wall art} full
A couple weekends ago I got together with our next door neighbor and we used this DIY to make some homemade art!  At first It was hard for me to like my own version of this free form art, but now I love it.....and honestly It is so nice to finally have at least one piece of art hanging on our bedroom wall.  The colors I chose were for Ryan since blue is his favorite and he loves his vintage blue floral pillowcase.  XO
>>> Note:  The only things I did differently than Elise's version was that I added in a third color (white), which I did by painting a white box in the general area of where I knew the text would be AFTER already painting the whole background light blue and BEFORE painting over the text with the darker blue.  I also added in two different size fonts instead of having the text be all the same size.  The vinyl sticker letters I used were found at Home Depot (the small size), and Fred Meyer (the large size), and the canvas is just a big piece of raw wood.  The saying is my own.  Another fun item checked off my autumn wishlist.  <<<

{bedroom wall art} {bedroom wall art} close
The days and nights here in Seattle have been chilly (which I love), and so my little helper (Gatsby) has been wearing his sweaters most days. When I was taking photos for this post he decided to come joing me and curl up in the most comfy spot on the bed. He was just too cute so I had to snap a photo.....
{bedroom wall art} little helper


  1. Oh My I love this!! So awesome I need to make one!!

  2. Love it! Great color and I like how you used 2 different sizes of letters! *Renae