Monday, December 3, 2012

{december daily} day 1 & 2

{december daily) day 1
Today I've decided to join along with the inspiring Ali Edwards, and have my December Daily album in digital format to share with you. I am actually printing this all out and assembling it in a book, but am finding it difficult to take photos of the finished pages. So, I decided to share the digital parts now, and the handmade book a little later on. Each day has a template I designed to matte with a photo, a journaling card to match, and extra photos/inserts as I collect them. Here is my December 1st and 2nd.  Anyone else joining in this year?  XO

{december daily) day 1 & 2 journaling {december daily) day 1 & 2 instagrams {december daily) day 2

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  1. I'm joining, but not posting (for multiple reasons). Love seeing your photos and work pre-assembly!