Friday, January 11, 2013

{project life} week 1

{project life week 1} dates {project life week 1} main spread left side
Hello and welcome to my first week of Project Life!  I've personally found Ali Edwards to be the biggest inspiration with documenting an entire year using this method, and am thrilled to finally be starting this fun project.  So, let's get to it.

{project life week 1} main spread right side
Ryan's friend (since they were kids) was visiting from San Diego this week.  All the photos I took were from my camera phone as well as mostly being Instagrams.  The two main activities I joined in on were a hike to the Twin Falls, a visit to Snoqualmie Falls, and a day trip to the EMP at Seattle Center.  In addition to the two page protectors, I added in a coin pocket page for all the extra pics.

{project life week 1} left side
All the nature pics are from our visit to the falls.  The Instagrams from the EMP are all from their horror exhibit (which we LOVED!), one pic from the guitar exhibit (also awesome....especially with the audio guide giving you the option to listen to each of the guitars being played), one pic of the Nirvana exhibit sign outside, Ryan and Andy outside the EMP with the mirrored wall behind them, my gluten free peach pie and ginger beer lunch from the mall at Seattle Center, and two pics of the Space Needle.  There are also two pics from New Years Day when my Mom and sister came for visit to do some baby shopping (so fun!).

{project life week 1} sky photo {project life week 1} emp & space needle {project life week 1} souvineers
The zombie badge was a souvenir from the EMP as well as the member sticker I wore while visiting.

{project life week 1} movie tickets
We went to a movie and saw Parental Guidance.  It was so funny and heartwarming.....a great family movie (plus we love Billy Crystal).  We all thoroughly enjoyed it.

{project life week 1} quote
One night we all sat down and watched a DVD I had gifted Ryan for Christmas called High Road to China.  It's an 80s action, adventure movie with Tom Selleck where a Buddhist monk says, "The oxen are slow, but the earth is patient," which started an entire conversation about how the guys use to repeat that quote when they were kids.  So of course it had to be added in ; )

{project life week 1} right side insert
I also threw in a pic taken from the car while driving Andy to the airport during the Seahawks game.  The Space Needle was flying a #12 Seahawks flag, and they ended up winning their game, making it to the playoffs.  Exciting memory.

{project life week 1} left side insert
During our hike to the Twin Falls, I listened to slacker satellite radio and the combination of hiking in the winter (there were even icicles), getting exercise, and listening to music gave me the best natural high.  I was in heaven....skipping, and dancing along, enjoying the prettiest views.  I wanted to make sure to document this, so I added a little extra text in the Instagram page pockets.

{project life week 1} right side
And I think that's pretty much it.  Putting this spread together was fairly easy and not too time consuming, plus I know that once I get the hang of documenting this way the process will go even faster.  Anyone else doing Project Life this year?  XO


  1. Awesome spreads Carrie. Love the colors, the instagram pics and the way you repeated the pp on the next pocket so it makes one!
    can't wait to get my supplies and get started on it!

  2. Lovely first page!! I The bright colors are awesome. I love the little instagrams you added.

    -Jenn V

  3. There Is NO WAY This Is Your First Project Life Spread!?! You're TO Good! I Still Look Back On My First PL Page & Laugh.. You'll Never Do That With This Masterpiece! Keep It Up! I'll Be Looking To You For Inspiration! *Hugs

  4. Love! I just adore the colors and concept behind this project! I'm following for sure! :)


  5. Love this! So much color and your photos are adorable!! I think I still have that Sassafras deer!! Lol. So cute!!

  6. amazingness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the colors & all that sassafrass.
    p.s. my dad looks exactly like tom selleck. it's almost creepy lol