Friday, February 1, 2013

these {winter} days

{these winter days} there is blue sky

These days there are breaks from our cool overcast weather so we can smile at the beautiful blue sky.
These days there are fluffy tails mixed with shedding conifer.
{these winter days} fluffy tails

These days there are pots of hot loose leaf tea to enjoy with my favorite gluten free cookie.
{these winter days} pots of hot tea

These days the grass is so green, it's love at fist sight.

{these winter days} greenest of grass

These days my favorite lunch is the homemade potato, broccoli cheese soup from A Beautiful Mess (except I used yukon gold instead of baking potatoes, and a mexican cheese blend instead of cheddar).
{these winter days} homemade soup

These days there is lots of sun bathing going on in our yard. These days are good. XO
{these winter days} sun baithing