Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{tulip festival} roozen gaarde

Roozen Gaarde | Soft Color
Hello lovely peoples! Today I'm sharing the photos I took while visiting RoozenGaarde for the Tulip Festival last Saturday. The weather was perfect for taking nature pics with it being overcast and the rain holding off until just as we were walking towards the exit. Ryan and I went with his folks who are visiting from San Diego and we had the best time. I even brought home a souvenir in the shape of two tulip bouquets (you can see both of them sticking out of my backpack in the last photo).  There are a couple of my photos to view right here and instead of breaking all the pics up into two posts I decided to do a slideshow video!! Here it is. Enjoy (we sure did). XO

P.S.  Since the detail in the photos is so much better, I highly recommend watching this video in HD by clicking on the Roozen Gaarde | Tulip Festival 2013 link below the video box.

Roozen Gaarde | Tulip Festival 2013 from Carrie Elias on Vimeo.
Roozen Gaarde | Field Roozen Gaarde | Petal Roozen Gaarde | From Below Roozen Gaarde | My Sweets Roozen Gaarde | From the Top Roozen Gaarde | Dan Roozen Gaarde |Diana Roozen Gaarde | Flaming Parrot Roozen Gaarde | Tulips in my Backpack

Photos taken by me (except the ones of me taken by Ryan, and the one of Ryan and I taken by his mom). Photoshop actions by yours truly.


  1. I hope this comment doesn't look funny. It's my first time using my phone to comment. Lovely photos! I'm awe of your skills! You should create a photography class! Share your settings and everything! I would sign up forsure!! Loved this video also! Eagerly awaiting the next one!

    1. Thanks so much Val! You are the sweetest.....especially since I had to use all manual focusing (for the first time) since the auto focus is broken on my favorite lens. Will keep you posted dearie <3

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  3. Oh those photos are beautiful!! And I just love those fields of flowers; how happy! We just drove through France a week ago and were in love with the yellow fields! Oh how I love spring:)
    tessa lynn

  4. oh thank you! but my?! look at your! I love it!

    greetings, and follow;)

  5. These photos look fake they're so perfect!!! Talent!! :)