Monday, July 22, 2013

{layout video} located here. fun!

{layout} located here. fun! | full

Hello All! It's been a while since I've shared in this little Internet space of mine, and I've missed it. However, Ryan and I have been really enjoying this lovely Summertime and all the activities that go along with it from living in Seattle.

Today I'm sharing my first scrapbook process video (please excuse the poor quality, my nice camera was too heavy for the tripod arm). For this layout I used mostly Glitz Design Color Me Happy products, a Crate Paper photo frame, and a few of my favorite embellishments handmade by Brittany McLeod (otherwise known as @kraftybuns...her scrapbook process videos are my all time favorite!). Here's my video:

Located here. Fun! Scrapbook Process {Video} from Carrie Elias on Vimeo.

Since the background was so busy I didn't use as much thread as usual. The layered arrow tip and resin flower embellishments are by @kraftybuns.

{layout} located here. fun! | thread

To add depth, there is black watercolor paint, pink spray paint, and bronze color shine.

{layout} located here. fun! | paint {layout} located here. fun! | layers

The date label is also by @kraftybuns.

{layout} located here. fun! | date label layout} located here. fun! | clothes pin {layout} located here. fun! | close

The photo on this layout is the sample sheet from some Costco prints. My little sister and I went to the beach to cool off one afternoon and took a disposable camera as a "just for fun" treat. We had a grape fight, waded up to our knees in the cold ocean water, took lots of silly photos, and listened to music on my phone while watching the clouds. Hope you enjoyed this little peek into our afternoon. XO

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  1. I love the layout you made!!! And you should make more videos :) Enjoyed watching!!