Thursday, September 12, 2013

{scrapbook video} i love zombies card

{halloween card} i love zombies | pink web

Hello everyone! I've been a little absent here the last couple weeks enjoying the last of summertime with my family. Which means I have lots of fun photos to share in the near future, and that I've been doing crafts and thinking of holiday gifts and making holiday cards.
Today I have a process video for this year's Halloween card, and soon I'll have photos (but no video) of my Autumn cards. I decided to go miniature this year and create a packet of sorts instead of just a greeting card. Here's the video.....

{halloween card} i love zombies
I was totally inspired by @kraftybuns Oh So Lovely card when I created these. They are simple, but all the colors are fun and the design put a different twist on traditional Halloween. Hope you enjoy! XO

{halloween card} i love zombies | bat {halloween card} i love zombies | gold web {halloween card} i love zombies | confetti envelope {halloween card} i love zombies |  round corners {halloween card} i love zombies | stamp {halloween card} i love zombies | envelope stuffed

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  1. I really wish we could scrap together!!!!!These rock!
    Speaking of zombies, how do you defend your house in case of a zombie apocolypse?
    surround your house with treadmills!