Wednesday, November 20, 2013

{video} christmas countdown kit | assembling my minibook base

{christmas countdown kit} assembling my minibook | side viewThis week I finally made time to put together my December Daily minibook base. So far everything I used is from the Christmas Countdown Kit (still available while supplies last). Here are a couple close up shots.
{christmas countdown kit} assembling my minibook | die cut {christmas countdown kit} assembling my minibook | graphic card
And the process video. I apologize for the lighting. I'm still adjusting to the Seattle weather/natural lighting going from bright to dark back to bright again...haha : )

You can click on any of the photos in this post to view them larger.
{christmas countdown kit} assembling my minibook | page 1
For many of the pages I attached cards and embellishments so I would remember where I wanted to use them. I also left the back of the white journaling cards blank in case I wanted to attach a photo there. Most of my pics are shot with horizontal orientation, but I am totally okay with attaching them to a vertical page and just turning the page to look at them.
{christmas countdown kit} assembling my minibook | page 2
I'll probably use some of the plain vellum pages for journaling by running them through my typewriter or printer.  You can see my DIY for stamping/printing on vellum HERE.
{christmas countdown kit} assembling my minibook | page 3
And there are still lots of extra double sided papers, all the plain white papers, and more embellishments left in the kit for layering with photos and such.
{christmas countdown kit} assembling my minibook | page 4
I have a plan for my front cover and will most likely try it out the beginning of December since it requires using a photo (fingers crossed my idea works ; ). Please email or leave a comment with any questions.....and make sure to check back here soon. There will be two more minibook bases put together by a couple of my friends coming soon. XO
{christmas countdown kit} assembling my minibook | page 5
You can purchase your Christmas Countdown Kit HERE.
You can watch a video showing everything included in the kit HERE.
And the beautiful Amanda has a process video of her minibook base HERE.


  1. Love yours carrie! I think its so interesting how we each have the same kit but building the bases we each thought so completely differently! It really shows how versatile this kit is! My video will be ready to go today I will email you! I'm off to watch Amandas video now!

  2. I received my kit today...TWO days after I purchased it. It's beautiful and I love how your packaged it! Thank you!

  3. Love your Color Scheme...will be exciting to see it come together. I'll be following

  4. Love these colors, can't wait to see it all finished!!

  5. I love everything about this. It's so original and creative. Love the colors, love the style, love everything!