Thursday, January 9, 2014

{diary} of a disposable camera

It is a well known fact with my friends and family how much I love to take photos. So, I'm happy to say some of my favorite gifts the past couple years have been different toy cameras. Ryan's cousin and his girlfriend gifted me the disposable camera shown above this year as my Christmas gift (sadly it is no longer for sale at Urban Outfitters). They gave it to me a little before Christmas day so I'd have it to take holiday photos with. The fun part is that with each photo a variety of graphics are already on the film and you don't know what you're going to get until they're developed! It was so fun passing this toy around Christmas morning for different people to use so we could document our morning!!!  And honestly, it was almost as fun opening the bag of developed photos so I could see how they turned out!  Here are some of my favorites:

The only bummer is, Costco no longer develops film and so I had to take this roll to Walgreens.  I'm not thrilled with the fact that they only have glossy prints available for developing film as well as that when you have the pics put on CD the resolution is not nearly as good (plus they are almost double what it use to cost me at Costco).  I'll be doing a little research before developing my next roll for sure, but was wondering if anyone else had already gone through this and if you found a better solution?  Thanks in advance for your input : )  Here's to the LOVE of film! XO


  1. Urban Outfitters always has fun stuff like that. Love it!

  2. when I had to develop film i go tot target and I still do in a pinch. maybe try them... but this camera is so cool! I love the fun images already on the film!

    1. I will check out Target for sure....thanks for the heads up! XO