Saturday, December 13, 2014

{december daily} the photos | 9,10,11

I can't believer how time has flown by! Guys, It's only 12 days to Christmas!! Ryan and I have been busy prepping for baby girl to arrive while still enjoying this happy holiday season. I've been taking photos, notes and prepping pretty paper for my December Daily. There is a small stack of freshly printed photos waiting for me to pick them up at Costco, and I'm hoping to get caught up to the 11th by Sunday....finger's crossed ; )  Honestly, I wasn't sure how much holiday "making" I was going to get done because of my due date fast approaching, but surprisingly I'm still checking stuff off my list and it feels great!  Hope you all are finding a bit of that Christmas magic.  XO

Just a couple notes about my pics from the collage above:
  1. No Christmas decorations this year.  I didn't want to have to put them away, so instead we purchased a small Christmas tree and had it flocked white with a little glitter.  I added simple white lights and called it done.
  2. 36 weeks.
  3. Blue sky before the storm.  After dark, it was SO WINDY our trash cans kept blowing around the yard, and the power even went out a couple times.
  4. Ponyo in his new holiday sweater.  Perfect for rainy days so it's easier to clean him before coming back inside from the backyard.  Gatsby's didn't fit, so I ended up exchanging it the next day.
  5. Finally purchased a wreath from Trader Joe's for our front door and it smells AMAZING.
  6. Can't seem to get enough of gluten free french toast these days.  Ryan makes it best.

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