Thursday, May 14, 2015

{day in the life} 2015 | round 1

{day in the life} May 2015

Hello blog world, I've missed you! I've been away enjoying time with our new little girl, and it is wonderful!! Today I have what few photos I took from playing along with Ali Edwards' Day In The Life. It was a slow start with the photo taking, and I didn't take as many as I'd like, but we're learning to go with the flow these days. Hopefully, I'll be doing a day in the life once a month to help document my daughters first year. I'm not sharing too much journaling here for privacy reasons, but did jot down our entire day in notes for when I decide to print these and do something fun with them. Actually, they'll probably just go in my Project Life album. If anyone else decided to play along, please leave a link in the comments....I'd love to see!

{day in the life} May 2015 | Collage 1

  • 12:30pm | One last diaper change and her first time wearing her Batman tee before leaving the house
  • 1:40pm | Vanilla chai and my favorite gluten free cookie for a snack after my eyelash tint appointment
  • 1:50pm | Rainy day errands
  • 2:00pm | Grocery store
  • 2:30pm | Some footie pajamas and leggings found at the store for my Little

  {day in the life} May 2015 | Grocery Store
{day in the life} May 2015 |  Collage 2

  • 3:00pm | Arrived back at the car to raindrops 
  • 3:30pm | Back home for a quick selfie with my Honey
  • 4:30pm | Penguin Snuggles while she watches a few minutes of Rio 2 (the singing is her favorite part)
  • 5:00pm | Mama and baby time
  • 5:15pm | UPS dropped off the blue trench coat I ordered
  • 5:30pm | Bottles and bubbles

{day in the life} May 2015 | Penguin Snuggles{day in the life} May 2015 | Mama Stuff {day in the life} May 2015 |  Collage 3

  • 5:40pm | Ryan arrived home with one of my favorite carry out dinners 
  • 7:00pm | Papa gets baby and puppy time all at once
  • 9:30pm | A late bedtime from teething

  • Thanks for taking a peek at our day!  See ya soon!! XO

    {day in the life} May 2015 | Gatsby


    1. HELLOOO CARRIE!!! I'm so glad you and your girl are Fine:). I hope you enjoyed a lot of your time :) & Pssst; What's her name, can it be I didn't see it?!

    2. Could you please tell me where your daughter's adorable Batman shirt is from? I'd love one for my little girl :) Thanks!

      1. Hi Emma! This Batman tee was a gift from a friend, and I'm pretty sure she found it at a second hand, unfortunately I don't know where you can find one....Sorry :(