about carrie.....

Hello lovely blog readers!  I'm Carrie Elias, a 36 year old wife, photographer, photo editor, crafter, and blogger.  I recently moved from San Diego to Seattle to be closer to my family.  So far My Sweetie and I are really loving it.  Blume and Grow is my personal blog where you'll find photos from my everyday life, travels, recipes, scrapbooking and homemade gifts......

I don't like labels, but I do believe in God, am on a gluten free diet, and a free thinker.  My health is a little complicated as of the last few years, so now I constantly look for balance with my family life, responsibilities, health and the artist in me.  I love life and specifically life with my sweetie, Ryan.    Right now he likes my long hair which I love to color.  My favorite color is green, and some of my favorite things are Tai Chi, movies, music, to sing, my doggie that meows like a kitty, my other dog that is as smart as a whip, the rain, and iced caffe breves with amaretto that make me smile every time I drink them.  Hellboy is my favorite super hero, and I drive a pretty gray truck.

I also am excited to say that in 2011 I merged my professional blog called Bubblegum Life, over to this blog, Blume and Grow! Bubblegum Life is where I shared a weekly photo prompt, projects, and from time to time themed photoshoots designed and and shot by me.  Over the last few years I've added more focus to photography edited in my own unique way.  When I take a picture, I end up editing it to the way it felt rather than what it actually looked like to be there.  To make it happen, I create my own custom photoshop actions on my laptop, named Maple.

My camera's name is Clementine, and she is a Canon Rebel who loves natural lighting.  We spend quality time together almost everyday.

The truth is, I love to blog.  I also love photography and memorabilia.  Back in 2011 one of my favorite things to do with my blog photos is print them up at Costco and add them all together week by week with my scrapbook layouts, and other digital art inside scrapbook albums.  This was my first year collecting them all in the same place....I call it my *2011 Album* : )  My blog gives me something special to look forward to, and I feel helps me appreciate the everyday more.  Also, I am very close to my family who live in different states around the USA, and enjoy sharing a bit of my life with them here.  I get so much joy and inspiration from other blogs, I hope that you find a little of the same here too.

If you are interested in hiring me as a photographer, photo editor, graphic designer, personal card maker or crafter, have a question, or just want to say Hi, click on the *contact* button and email me at carrieelias(at)yahoo(dot)com.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


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