Wednesday, November 26, 2008

State of FANTASTIC!!!

So, I went and saw the movie "Twilight".......I actually grew up around there, and used to visit a friend who lived in Forks (we used to ride horses). The movie was very sweet, and the views of the Peninsula made me a little homesick....they were so breathtaking!!!! Here is a layout I did for Pink Pineapple's Design Team last month, with a picture I took of a rainbow in Washington last is so beautiful there!!!

.....And a little bit later today I am having my tonsils removed....heard it is fairly painful.....yuck!!!! The day before Thanksgiving....I must be crazy right???? Well, I have a reason for choosing this date, and I will spill the beans on that later:) I am, however, looking forward to one aspect of it....I bought the first "Twilight" book to read, and have been saving it for after my surgery....Well, I'm off to daydream about Washington!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!!


  1. You are so PRESH!! You are going to be such a twilight groupie soon! I wish I was there to take your classes, all your displays on here are sooo cute. Especially the owl one!

  2. oh yeah p.s. i love your washington rainbow page. really really great. you must be the most talented scrapbooker ever!