Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beach Pics, Crop Junkies & Happy Easter!

Friday, I woke up early, ran errands, and then went jogging on the beach...I love the rare rainy day in San Diego. It had been sprinkling on and off all morning, and everything had that "just rained" was so beautiful are a couple pics:

Later that evening, I met my friends, (left to right) Jessica, Krystie, Me, Ally, & Nely, at the Pink Pineapple...we scrapbooked, and had yummy drinks, and laughed...

To everyone I want to wish you HAPPY EASTER and SPRING!


  1. Happy Easter Carrie!

    SO much fun Friday and it was great to finally meet you!!!

  2. the beach looks so pretty when it rains!! No wonder you are so happy when you take a jog!! I'm loving those easter eggs!!! thanks for helping me with my layout!!! It was an awesome experience to watch your brain at are one talented girly!!

  3. have a happy easter miss carrie...You make my world Gloria

  4. carrie ~ love your pictures ~ love, love, love cropping with you!! youre so rad ~ that picture of the little chickens is so awesome ~ why are you so talented?? can i have some?? did i ever tell you the you inspire me???? :-D