Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sol Duc Falls

On August 4th I hiked through the Sol Duc Hot Springs forest to get to Sol Duc Falls...I had not been since my Dad took me when I was little, and it was so beautiful! The weather was perfect, shaded by all the massive trees, there were sections where streams of light would shine through the forest. We passed over many bridges, and through ferns that grew as tall as us, to reach our destination....

WA 8.4.09 Forest S

WA 8.4.09 Sol Duc Collage

WA 8.4.09 Bridge S

WA 8.4.09 Ferns Collage

WA 8.4.09 Hanging Moss S

Here is a short video of the falls:


  1. Great pictures, Carrie. You're brave to get inside that hole though ,, ha ha!!!!

  2. wow carrie!!'s beautiful there!!! the picture of you in the hollow tree!!! can't wait to hear about your trip!!

  3. LOVE the photos...and miss you back at home... :( xoxo