Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Fun w/ Ally!

This weekend, I walked around Balboa Park with my beautiful friend, Ally.....She had never been before, so we took a few photos:

Balboa Park 9.09 Ally Collage

Balboa Park 9.09 Me Collage

After our leisurely walk, we decided to drive down the street to Little was getting late in the afternoon, and the sidewalks were filled with people enjoying the gorgeous day. On our way to get an espresso, we came across an art supply store called "Blick". Our friends had told us about it, and we were thrilled! Needless to say, it was enough of a distraction, that by the time we were finished exploring the store, our tummies were rumbling. So, I took Ally to my favorite pizza restaurant there called "Mona Lisa" was so delish!!! Exactly what we needed! We did end up getting Mochas from my favorite espresso shop (and Cannoli), for our ride home....soooo goooood....

The art supplies I found:

9.09 Blick Art Supplies


  1. i am so glad you had fun and had lots of girl time...its good happy life medicine..

  2. love those pics of you guys!!!..such pretty ladies!!!...glad you girlies had such a blast!!!

  3. im so thankful for you as my friend carrie, and i really, really appreciate you taking me down there and showing me all the hot spots!! i had a great, actually, perfect evening with you. love you miss carrie