Friday, November 6, 2009

Today is my little sister's birthday!!!

WA 8.1.09 L Dr. Cullen Jacket S

She loves the Twilight books. This photo is from when we went on the Twilight Tour in Forks, WA this past summer. She put on Dr. Cullen's jacket, and precious!!! Isn't she beautiful?

She is growing up so fast!!! She also has "skills". Frisbee throwing skills. Wood widdleing skills. Short story writing skills. Drawing skills.....just to name a few :)

Here is a drawing she made for me this past summer, entitled "Daddy's Girl".

Picture by L 8.8.09 Final S

My sister Amber called me today, and told me she picked out some flowers to make a bouquet for our little sister's birthday. She dropped the bouquet off at her school!!! How great is that!!! I always loved picking up a bouquet of flowers from the school office, and carrying them around with me from class to class.....I know it will make her day special...

Happy Birthday Little Sis!!!

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  1. aww your sister is beautiful, and an artist! Verrrry cool =)