Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hair Accessory Swap Photos!!!

Everyone did an amazing job with making their hair accessories for the Swap I hosted at Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks, back in November.....some headbands, barrettes, and a hair comb.....I love them all!!!

Hair Accessory Swap Group Collage

Each participant received two of these homemade boxes (they are perfect for a small gift). Plus, I showed them how to fold paper to make the little origami boxes. We had a lot of fun!

Hair Accessory Swap Box S

I also wanted to participate in the Best of 2009 Challenge (It's really important to me to remember great times in life):

"Best Trip"

Washington State to visit family....a picture of me and my Grandpa....Heaven :)

"Best Restaurant Moment"

I wouldn't say it's necessarily the best, but definitely memorable.....I was at a restaurant and found out that some of my scrapbooking was highlighted on the Sassafras Lass Blog.....Gloria took a photo of the moment.....I LOVE Sassafras, so I am still really excited about it!!!


  1. these are awesome!!..those cute little boxes are adorable!!!..everyone was so creative!!!

  2. so cute! LOVE the hair peices- so so cool!

    and that is a GREAT photo of you being excited!! :o)

    Have a fab weekend, hope you are well, haven't seen ya in awhile!