Friday, February 19, 2010

This Week

Valentine's Day Flowers

I have this picture in my head of my little nephew doing silly things to make us all laugh.  A waitress walks over and hands us girls each a rose for Valentine's Day.  My nephew quickly sweeps one up, and sticks it behind his's a long stem, and he is trying to balance it.....I snap a photo of him while he's also holding up an Alaskan king crab leg (we were at the Fish Market in Del Mar), and of course I get a shot of him with his mouth open mid chew, making the craziest face.  I showed everyone at our table the photo, and we all broke out laughing!  I can still feel it.....The smile on my face as I beam with happiness.  Isn't it great when moments like that seem to last forever?  My whole last weekend feels like that.....

This week I am happy.   This week I feel joy.  This week I enjoy the petite flowers Ryan gave me on Valentine's Day.  This week my heart skips a beat when Ryan touches my cheek.  This week is exciting.

Sometimes I forget how much taking a vacation from my daily life makes me see the world with shiny new rose colored glasses.  This week I love my rose colored glasses.


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  1. the world is a beautiful place and it sounds like you are enjoying your spot of it =)
    Happy wknd!!