Friday, April 23, 2010

Amber & Carrie Minibook

A&C Minibook Collage

A&C Minibook Pgs 1&2 Collage

A&C Minibook Pgs 3&4 Collage

A&C Minibook Pgs 5&6 Collage

This mini was my fun project for our Creators' Circle meeting in April.  It is one of my favorite minibooks for a special reason.....each of us girls handmade or provided something sweet to make up the kits!!!

April made the beautiful red flower with the butterfly brad in it's center.

Melanie made all the other lovely flowers.

Jane made the leaf with the fabric button, provided the cute little mushrooms, brown velvet leaf, and hand dyed brown fabric strips.

Bonnie provided the colorful buttons, and white mesh.

I love it!!!  It's a little piece of them that I get to keep forever!

And of course I have the wonderful memories of a fun afternoon with my sister and I in the photos.....Makes me SO happy :)

Have a great weekend!
BIG smile!!!


  1. I love your mini albums, they're always so pretty.

    Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. Have a great weekend! XxX

  2. i love this album ~ its so sweet!!!!