Monday, April 19, 2010

Pink Ninja Monday!

PNA *Wonderland Mini* Front Cover

When I saw all the beautiful goodies in the Pink Ninja Addicts April kits, the wheels in my head started spinning and I came up with this colorful minibook.....there are lots of photos in this post (be warned), and enjoy :-)

PNA *Wonderland Mini* Pgs. 1&2

PNA *Wonderland Mini* Pgs. 3&4

PNA *Wonderland Mini* Pgs. 5&6

PNA *Wonderland Mini* Pgs. 7&8

PNA *Wonderland Mini* Pgs. 9&10

PNA *Wonderland Mini* Pgs. 11&12

PNA *Wonderland Mini* Pg. 13 & Side View, basically I played off the Alice In Wonderland theme, hence the name *Wonderland* for this mini.  There is the lovely mint green "Alice" flair in the kit that I mounted on one of the handmade fabric flowers (loves).  I used cute lines from the movie for the text (ie. Alice:  In my world the books would be nothing but pictures).....isn't that a perfect line for a mini?!?!  The photos I picked are from my trip to the magical state of WA last summer, and I altered them in photoshop to look more dreamy.....which would explain the bright magenta grass :-)  I can honestly say that almost everything I used is in the *Accidently Kelly Street* and *The World Is New* kits.  The only things that I added are the binder ring, thread/sewing, spray paint, craft paper (for the text) and thin chipboard to make the pages thicker.  It was so refreshing to not have to dig through my stash to make a minibook!  If you have one (or both of these kits) you are in for a treat!!!

I am also SUPER excited because next Monday (April 26th) is an extra special Pink Ninja Monday!  You will have the chance to win my first giveaway (handmade by me, of course)!!!  Will share a sneak peek soon, and more details on a full day of blogging fun!

Have a lovely week beautiful people :)

BIG smile!!!


  1. Carrie.... I'm S-P-E-A-C-H-L-E-S-S!! it's sooo off the hook!!
    what size is it overall??

  2. Totally gorgeous! Such fabulous color!

  3. I loooooooooooove this carrie!!! You're perfect & amazing & beautiful & soooo sweet!!!!!!

  4. Holy mother of jesus!!...carrie!!..this mini is AMAZING!!! it turned out freaking awesome!!...i need to borrow your brain for a day or two!! love it!! turned out beautiful!!!

  5. Thanks for all the sweet comments lovey ladies!!!

    Christina, the maya road envelopes are 3.5 inches square for the small one, and 5 inches square for the large, so it's aprox. 5 inches wide x 6 inches tall all put together :)