Friday, July 2, 2010

A Week In Photos

Ryan Loves Carrie

Cowboy Riding Horse

Ryan drew these amazing designs with a flashlight.....I don't know how he connected all the lines in the dark.  I think it's magic ;)

He was also sweet enough to help me practice my night portrait skills.  I have a hard time with the manual focus at night, but I'm trying.....practice makes perfect, right?!?!

Ryan Night Portrait

Gloria twirled for me, so I could get this shot.  She got really dizzy.....

Summer Flair

This was the best night picnic. We drank Choco Vine Chocolate Red Wine from Holland. Chatted. Relaxed on a great quilt.

Nighttime Picnic

I had never done this before.  Painted with water on the cement.  How did I miss this one growing up???

Converse Love

All the photos have been photo prompts for the online class I've been taking.  One of the assignments that I haven't completed yet, just so happens to be, "take a picture of your favorite nighttime place (during the summer)".  For me, that would be the San Diego Zoo.  I daydream about going all year, and finally when summer comes I get to enjoy a few cool evenings there.  Ryan said he would go with me tonight, and I'm super excited!!!  I'm taking Gloria's DSLR, and tripod, and going to try and get the perfect shot!

Happy Weekend!


  1. I am so excited to see what you come up with at the zoo...its gong to be great..carrie you are so talented..really really talented...

  2. Fabulous photos!!!
    I am so jealous of your evening trips to the zoo!!! have fun.

  3. I think all your photos are just GORGEOUS!!!!! SUCH TALENT!!!!

  4. Absolutely amazing photo shots!! Love them!!!!