Saturday, September 4, 2010

Anthro Therapy

Anthro Paint Room

Anthro Paint Brushes

Anthro Ladder

Anthro Books

Earlier last week I visited my local Anthro store, and they were in the middle of this remodel.  I couldn't even imagine what they were trying to do.  When I came back a few days later, this is what I saw.....I would so love for my main living space to look like this....or even my bedroom.  To me if feels very real....happy, tactile, artistic, and maybe even a little rustic.

Every once in a while I will visit this lovely store, and just soak up all the inspiration.  Once I walk through their doors, the possibilities seem endless.  It's just a great creative space.  AND I'm a sucker for their mugs.  At the beginning of the year I started a collection of mugs from Anthro that are green, blue, and white, or any combo of those colors, and I absolutely love them!  One of the reasons I am looking forward to fall (and the cooler weather), is so that I can use my beautiful mugs for spiced cider, chai tea, and hot cocoa.....they make drinks taste better, I think ; )

Anyways, here's to the little things!.....and to making your creative space inspiring to you!!!


  1. I love it!!! But I love rustic anything...


  2. holy cow, how much do i love that paintbrush rack. eeeek.