Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Flutters.....

*fall flutters* wreath

*fall flutters* wreath (close)

I am so in love with yarn these days, I decided to make some of these pretties.  This *Fall flutters* wreath is for my sweet friend, April, for her birthday.  It's about 12 inches in diameter and takes a little over two hours to, it's a little time consuming, but fun non the less.  And did I mention that I love it?!?!  : )

This weekend I will be making some more for another friend, myself, and extra to sell.  It's going to be awesome because we are all meeting over at Gloria's house for a chili cook off!!!  There are like 15 + girls that will be's going to be crazy!  Pumpkin beer (which I can't drink.....anyone know of a good alternative?), cornbread, chili, cupcakes.....and I hope Clem and I will get some fun pics of it all to share.  Hearty meals on a cool Fall day are the BEST!!!

And today I decided to take this silly photo.....

pencil + bun = happy

Lately, there is something about putting things in my hair that don't normally go, like flowers or pencils, that have been just the right amount of happy I need to make my day special.  (Right now I also adore putting flowers in my braids.)  And since I'm on a happy roll, I think this evening I'm going to watch a new animated movie with Ryan I've been excited for, and also make some (gluten free) brownies to enjoy.....sounds yummy!  But right now I need to finish up this post, prepare for Gloria and my next photo prompt tomorrow (fun!), and do more organizing / cleaning in the guest room (not so fun!).

Happy almost weekend!
Love, Carrie


  1. that wreath is ssooooooooooooo beautiful!!!
    an how stinkin' cute are you!>?!! I love the selfy ms Carrie =))

  2. I love your wreath, it is a great color combination.

  3. I love the wreath and the pencil in your hair is sweeet

  4. What a beautiful wreath, I love the autumnal colours.

  5. Oh wow that a beautiful wreath!
    I'm in Love with Yarn too!
    Super Cute Blog!