Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bubblegum Sketches

11.2.10 Gloria Sketch

Hello, and here is a big smile for you!!!

Gloria and I are so happy that you have been enjoying our sweet new blog.....thank you for your wonderful comments, emails, text messages, etc....we are super excited!  

And with our enthusiasm, we have decided to try and make our Project Monday's a little more interactive and fun.  So, as one of the new and special posts here, I have made some Bubblegum Sketches for you from yesterday's layouts.  The sketch above is from Gloria's and the one below from mine.....

11.2.10 Carrie Sketch

These sketches are simple, but we hope that they help give you the inspiration to make something beautiful today.

Please enjoy this new little blog addition, and as always if you decide to play along we would be so happy for you to share it with us.....we LOVE to see your art!  Our Flickr photo group is HERE for you to upload the photos of your projects, or you can leave a comment with the link.  In the future, there is an image on our sidebar labeled "flickr", and if you click it it will also take you to our Flickr group.  

If you would like to use these sketch images on your blog, or the internet in any way, please do so, but link it back here : )

Have a wonderful day!
Love, Gloria and Carrie

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