Monday, November 1, 2010

Project Monday

Welcome sweet friends..Hi! It's me, Gloria...Are you so excited!!! I am ...Our first Project Monday is here at our Bubblegum Life Blog..Our word or feeling was Celebrate and that's what we did. It's that ability of letting your self celebrate little moments..What could be better then Halloween for that, or just toasting with a friend at dinner..My picture represents just that..taking a moment to love my sweet glass of blood orange lemonade with a toast...just because....

About my layout..I really try to enjoy scrap-booking. I try to be free and just flow with it. I loved this paper because its like an ocean. The butterflies are flying (can you see that ) consistently in my head and on the paper. I know Life is not always lovely and we cant always celebrate but when its good and I feel like floating with the butterfly in my head I am going to trust the moment and just go with it.


Hi lovely people!  It's Carrie typing now.....and I am thrilled to be sharing my first project post on our Bubblegum Life blog!!!  This week I decided to make a 12x12 layout.  It's been a while since I put one together, and honestly it felt great!.....All that space, there's so many possibilities!!!

And this layout is very special to me.  With our prompt being, Let's Celebrate, I created it to celebrate the beginning of this sweet blog.  The photo of Gloria and I toasting with our yummy Italian soda is us sharing in that moment together.....realizing that it's finally here.  A new journey we are excited to be taking.  So, here's my Project Monday.....

My *Let's Celebrate* Layout

*Let's Celebrate* Close

These are all the pieces I used to put my layout together.....

*Let's Celebrate* Pieces

Before I attached everything, I used some white spray paint for the paint splatter, and sewed the swirls on with my sewing machine and some gold thread.  To make the swirls, I drew them onto the woodgrain paper with a pencil and then used that as my guide while sewing.  After the sewing was done, all I had to do was erase what little pencil was still showing.  Then I just layered everything together.  Although it was kind of a slow process partially because I am a little out of practice with the 12x12ers and also because my little puppy (Ponyo) kept distracting me.  He's such a little rascal ; )

If you decide to play along, we would love it! Just leave a comment with the link or you can add your project photo to the Bubblegum Life Flickr Group HERE (previously named Project Monday).

Thank you so much for stopping by today!!!  Gloria and I have some really fun plans for this sweet blog ahead of us, and we are so happy that you are are part of it! 

Love, Gloria and Carrie


  1. I love this!!,,I love the feel!! It's that make you feel good feeling!! Like i wanna smile all day!!,,Im really happy for the both of you! This is an amazing blog you have put together! now, to go catch up on my appointments with Friday!! miss you girls!!

  2. This blog is really lovely! I can't wait to have a bit more time for crafting and scrapbooking, so I can join in with your projects. I've really enjoyed following them on you blogs though and look forward to being inspired some more. :)

  3. Right now I am not doing 12x12 scrapbook pages but always love to see what my friends are doing. Love this entire idea.

    I am making 11x11 backgrounds with Danita in the Crescendoh online class and can't wait to show some of them on my blog.

    Hope to see you guys soon! Suzi lives really close to you now, Gloria.

  4. Totally excited for you two!! You girls are so creative and I always love to see what you come up with. This will definitely be a site for me to follow. xoxo

  5. I almost used the "Life is Beautiful" on the page I just did! Loving that line... super excited to see your guys' sketches, I always love inspiration!

  6. Oh I'm so happy for you two!! This is awesome!! Already following and have you linked on my blog!

  7. Ahhh..just love your layouts. I will definately play along :)