Saturday, November 20, 2010

Your appointment with Friday (Saturday)

Happy Saturday!  And welcome to another fun photo prompt!!!  With Thanksgiving right around the corner we though it would be nice to have a little inner reflection.  The prompt is.....
What fills your heart?

*My heart is full*

From left to right and top to are some of the things that fill my heart:
  • Nature and all it's beauty (we have always been close)
  • My loving family (and specifically this sweet photo my little sister took with her new camera)
  • Wonderful friends to play with (I love all of them dearly)
  • My best friend, Gloria (my life would not be the same without her)
  • Creating (art, photography, me lots of joy)
  • My sweetie, Ryan (he is the love of my life)
  • The little things (ice cream, wine, movies, music, toys, etc...and specifically rain...this sweet single raindrop)
  • My doggies, Gatsby and Ponyo (our little angels and monsters)
Today is the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and I am grateful for so many wonderful things.....things that fill my heart to overflowing.....that make me feel blessed.  When I thought about this prompt and how I was going to create a photo with it, I immediately thought of doing a collage of photos.  My brains works like that.  I see individual pictures, not one single photo.  And I wanted it to feel current, real, like who I am now.  So, I decided to choose some of my favorite memories captured in photos from this Fall.  To me, each of these memories symbolizes something specific that fills my heart (hence the list above).  To finish it off, I decided put all the photos inside a big heart!  And I now have a special photo that represents What fills my heart this Fall, and it feels great!!!

When you go to take your photo, or put together a collage, or whatever.....there are lots of different options on how to capture What fills your heart.  You can take a photo of a list, you can take a photo of a basket that holds some of the things you are thankful for, you can take a photo of one individual item or person, you can paint each item on a rock and then join the rocks together to make a heart.....just let your imagination take you there.....

I know you will make something beautiful.  Have a great weekend.....say Hi! to your camera for me ; )


When Carrie and I were coming up with our prompt, the thoughts that twirled in my head were.....
  • my kids
  • holidays
  • work
  • smiles
  • joy
  • childhood memories
  • crafting with my BFF

This is what is filling my heart, and this will end up being my word for 2011.....


I have been feeling the need to tell parts of my story.  Words that describe my who, what, when, were and how.  The most exciting story of my childhood.  My fondest mom story.  The first boy I kissed story.  The funniest thing my kids ever did story.  My healing story.

The basket of my life is full of stories.  Words, that when laid on paper help me rest, make me smile, help my soul find comfort.

What do you see?

*Gloria & Me* Fall 2010

Love, Gloria and Carrie

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  1. Fabulous promt! I too feel the need to tell my story. I had a wonderful childhood and would love to write it all down but there is so much to tell. All in due time right?