Friday, November 26, 2010

Your appointment with Friday

Hello again sweet blogger friends.  Our next awesome prompt.....and I say that because I feel its just so appropriate for today.....or maybe this week is.....

Where are you now?

These pictures were taken on Thanksgiving day and I feel they are very representative of where I am.  Getting ready for Thanksgiving usually means getting to see all of our relatives in one room.  This makes me just a bit nervous but it's a whole family thing that can be good or maybe not so good, but it's ours and we belong to this amazing funny, weird, and loving group of people.  They know us and they accept us.  I am holding my brother's baby.  Yes, my babies are big, and I love that I can have and feel with this circle of family that I am holding my niece.....knowing and being very aware of the fact that if all goes well I am going to watch her grow up.  I am happy to give thanks to the fact that no matter what, at this moment I am holding family.  The second picture was taken of my sister in law and me in the kitchen.  No, I was not cooking, but she can cook and I was eating and enjoying myself, her amazing desserts, and the company of my brother's wife.  Family I love, and I dont want to lie, sometimes its not so great having such a big group of people who know everything.  But the 90 % of the time it's what I am grateful for.

So share with us where are you now....


With the hustle and bustle of all that accompanies these busy days following Thanksgiving, I feel like our next prompt is simple yet still leaves room for thinking about what's inside you, and where you're at..... 

*Today I am here*

3:20 Enjoying a walk

On a breezy afternoon

My photos are from last weekend.  All I did was look around and take photos of what I saw in being there.  Where what was inside of me, led me to see....  

My pictures begin in the park at La Jolla Shores.  For the first photo (above) of my doggies and Ryan's legs, I got down onto the ground and tried to capture that moment.  My doggies were in this place, being held by my sweetie.  They were looking all around at the sights and sounds.  Yet still happy be be here with us.  As we started our walk along the shore, the wind was strong and cold.  I peeked behind so I could see Ryan being there with me.  We walked for a while, and eventually stopped for a short break to rest on a stone wall.  That's where I took the photo of Ryan and I together.  I felt great.  To be close to him.  To feel his love and warmth as the cool breeze surrounded us.  I am thinking to myself "I am so happy to be with him".  We sat there like that for a minute, and then, as it often happens at home the doggies wanted our attention. I scooped up our little bear, Ponyo, and gave him a big hug.  Ryan took the camera and in his photo you can see the rustic stone wall, our beautiful view, and Ponyo and I looking at it all.  As our walk came to an end, I took a photo of the shore as the clouds slowly began to cover the sun.  I think I even felt a raindrop just then.  And that was our que to start heading back to the truck.  Even though I love the rain, it was time to go.  And that's what I remember about this lovely afternoon and being there just then.

My plan is do the photo prompt again, but throughout this weekend.  As I go through my day, I hope to capture me.  One photo at a time.  Hopefully making peppermint ice cream, or hanging a Christmas wreath, or whatever.  I think it will help me enjoy the process of the beginning of the holiday craziness, so I can see who I am, and what I really want it to be.

I wish for you a wonderful weekend, and to capture a moment that when you look back, can say "I remember me then", and smile : )

Love, Gloria and Carrie


  1. I´ll try to do this one, lovely theme:) And Carrie, what breed is your dog. Seems a little bit Shiba or something like that or maybe a mix? Have a great weekend, all of you!

  2. Ponyo is a Shiba Inu, he is just huge for his age and constantly going through crazy growth spurts....Gatsby is a Basenji, and he's really petite for his breed. Both pure bread, strange looking rascals : )

    Can't wait to see what you come up with for this prompt Miss Deerest!

    <3 Carrie

  3. Such an inspiring post, I just found this blog!

    I am on a journey right now to rediscover myself- and I love these types of questions. I have recently gone through a big change and am opening up a brand new chapter in life, one that includes blogging about every part of this process to find pure joy again. A journey of leaving everything I am comfortable with to go to different countries and explore the world.

    I love this idea of a photo prompt- cant to come back here and see more from your week :)

    <3 Summer

  4. Peppermint ice cream, what a yummy idea! Very inspiring, can't wait to see everyone's projects.