Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday ~ Heart Flutter { Top 5 }

This week I am in the mood for going to the movie theater, so I though it would be fun to share the top 5 movies I am exited to see in December and in 2011.  So, (from left to right and top to bottom), here is my list.....
The original Tron was a breakthrough movie, so everyone I know is excited about Tron Legacy (Ryan even had a Tron viewing party with some friends last weekend).  Somewhere, well, all I needed to know was that Sofia Coppola wrote and directed it, and I'm hooked.  Gnomeo & Juliet.....cute little garden gnomes and a forbidden love affair.....perfect.  I love adventure movies that take place in Europe, and Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are both beautiful, so The Tourist  sounds really fun.  And last but not least, all I had to see was the long red cape against the soft white snow in the Red Riding Hood trailer to know that the visuals in this movie are going to be a big inspiration.

I think Ryan and I are going to see Tron this weekend, and I hope to find time to see the other two from 2010 on my list before they leave the theater.....There are some movie passes just sitting in my purse and I can hear these movies calling my name : )  Of course there are quite a few other movies that are going to be amazing, like I'll probably see the new Coen Brothers with Ryan too, but in general I prefer to watch dramas at home.  What movies are you excited for these days???

Happy Wednesday!
<3 Carrie

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  1. I cannot wait to see Red Riding Hood and Gnomeo and Juliet!!!!

    ~The Mama Monster