Friday, December 10, 2010

Your appointment with Friday

Hi lovely friends.  How have you been?  We hope you are enjoying the holidays : )

OK.  Originally Gloria and I had this awesome photo prompt picked out for today, but as December and the holiday fun started we began to think that there might be something a little more special about this time of year.  So, we chatted and talked about all the cool photography ideas going on in our heads and decided to go with a sweet and endearing prompt thought up by Gloria (with a title inspired by Starbucks).  The prompt is.....

Stories are gifts.  Share.

*Ponyo's first Christmas*

My story starts out back in September when Ryan bought me this little fella for my birthday, on my birthday no less.  I remember bringing him home and even though he was tiny, he was fearless.  He looked like a little wolf and made the cutest little squeaky noises.  And that's when we decided to name him Ponyo.  Ponyo is an onomatopoeia, based on Miyazaki's (an amazing Japanese director) idea of what a "soft, squishy softness" sounds like when touched.  It seemed like fate.  A Japanese breed (he is a shiba inu), with a cute Japanese name.  See, we have this tradition on my side of the family to name our pets after names of character's we like in movies.  My sister just got an adorable minature poodle and named her Elora Danan, from the movie Willow (1988).  Perfect.  Ponyo (2008), just so happens to be one of Ryan and my favorite animated films.  Lovely.  Skipping past all the baby puppy stuff, our little fella is now in his teenage phase which means three things to me this Christmas.  One, he is curious about everything.....and I mean EVERYTHING.  Look out Christmas decorations!!!  Two, he is old enough for puppy class and to be around other dogs.  Yay, us!  And three, we have been able to take him out the last two weekends to enjoy fun Christmas stuff.  Last weekend he went with us to the La Jolla Christmas Celebration, and the day before picked out a present for one of my sibling's dogs.  I know that when I go to wrap it he will have his wet little nose everywhere.  But, on his behalf I do have to say he was such an angel letting me take this photo.  He does not like wearing his Santa hat, but he wore it, let me place him exactly into the center of the wreath AND didn't budge until I got my shot.  Not bad for a little fella who has enough energy for three dogs.  LOL!  So far this Christmas he has been enjoying the following.  Popcorn with Gatsby (his big brother, a basenji), Ryan and I.  Cuddling up with Ryan on the couch.  Lots of playing with Gatsby.  His first trip to the dog park.  Being a good student at home and in puppy class.  Already outgrowing his current collar.  His very own stocking.  And is soon to enjoy.  His very first road trip, when we drive to be with my brother and nephew in Salt Lake City for Christmas.  And hopefully his first adventure in the snow!  It seems to me that Ponyo's first Christmas is already filled with fun and a lot of firsts.  Now if only I could find the perfect present for him.....

What story do you have to tell this holiday season?  I am dying to read it!  When you go to take your photo this week, look for something that either brings back a holiday every time I see baked ornaments it makes me think of sitting at the table when I was a kid and making them with my family.....or something that symbolizes a story that is my doggie's first Christmas.  Take your photo of that thing, and then write your story about it.  Your story can be long or short.  But I bet that there's something out there that means something special to you right now.  Give us a gift this Christmas.  Share your story : )


Stories are gifts shared.

This prompt was one that I think came to us.....We were collaborating and had ideas floating between Carrie and I and then you know how it is...your friend says something that brings you to another thought and then it come to you.  A holiday picture that in your mind bring you to a cool place were in that lies a story.

Paola is my daughter.  She is 16 and I am 38.  That means little sweet P has been with me most of my life.  We have had our share of Christmas stories but this dear ornament brings me to my favorite one.  In this picture she is 8 and I am 30.   We took this little picture after her first Chorus performance.   We lived in Boulder Colorado and if my memory serves me it was about 30 degrees outside and it was snowing.  She was wearing this nice white satin shirt and I was wearing a pink one.  ( At this point in my life I matched our clothes.)  She was so afraid of it getting wrinkled that she refused to wear a jacket and I said OK that's fine but its gonna be cold.  She was obviously nervous.  Lots happened getting ready for this performance...not all good behavior stuff, but we got through it.  She froze on the way to her performance and I quietly watched.  Then she got on stage and sang her little heart out and she was perfect.  What was so special about this holiday performance was that as soon as she was done she ran up to me and hugged me (that's when this picture was taken), and said thanks for not getting mad at me when I was acting up mom.  So, I framed this picture in a little ornament frame so that every year when I put it up I can remember that story.....

Hope you enjoy this prompt, and happy holidays!!!

Love, Gloria and Carrie

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  1. Lovely! I can't wait to read Gloria's story. Not sure I'll be able to do one today, but I'll try to fit it in! xo