Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gnome Tags

N is for Nely

N is for Nely.  This was my Christmas gift to her this past Christmas.  Some fun little gnome tags, and a pretty mug to hold them : )

Gnome Tags

Gnome tag set

the to and from

Aren't gnomes just the cutest little earthy guys?!?

Recently Nely, Ally and I had a fun craft party.  We ate sushi.  Drank Saki.  Listened to music.  Chatted.  Nely and I made curtains.  Made plans.  And I am meeting her today to make more plans because we have a photoshoot scheduled for this weekend (for a project we are working on).....and I think it's going to be really awesome.  I have really been getting into the photography and photoshop thing lately and am loveing it!

Who is one of your favorite photographers?  Well, to see one of mine make sure to visit the Bubblegum Life blog today.....

Happy Tuesday!!!
<3 Carrie