Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday ~ Heart Flutter

Fields of white

On fields of white hearts have wings.....

Hearts have wings

My heart flutter for today are my new Vans that I found at the Park City outlet mall.  I seems to wear them with just about everything since I got them.  And all that beautiful, lovely white mind keeps taking me there.  I remember when we were driving to Salt Lake City for Christmas with my brother, and it was like 3am.  Southern Utah is pure magic covered in snow.....especially in the middle of the night when everything glows bright white.  I love roadtrips.  Driving at night somewhere beautiful.  It's exciting.  The photo above however is from our trip back home sometime in the early morning hours.  Still looks pretty doesn't it?!?

Enjoy your day!  And since it's Wednesday maybe you should do something special.....ya know, to break up the manotany of the week.  Happy hour, a movie, a coffee date.....whatev.  Have a good one ; )

<3 Carrie

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