Friday, February 11, 2011

Your appointment with Friday

*In the shape of a heart*

Happy weekend before Valentine's Day!  The prompt for this week is to find something in the shape of a heart to photograph : )

I (Carrie) was outside taking a walk when the shadow of some pretty ivy caught my eye (pictured above).  There it was, the shape of a heart.  How cool.....I love how the texture of the wall beneath the shadow shows through.  Can you see it?  I snapped my photo with a smile.  For some reason taking photographs of shadows feels special to me.  Well, anyways, I continued to walk along the tall wall of green until I saw this.....

A heart aglow

 A lovely bright greenish yellow leaf.  The sun was shining so bright it gave the heart a bit of a glow.  I love how I can just take a walk by my house and find little things like a heart shaped leaf, and feel like it's just for me because right now only I can see it.....a heart aglow.  I get to capture the moment with a photograph, and then later use it to make something artistic to symbolize it's beauty.  Another reason I love the idea of capturing this year with photos, ticket stubs, notes, letters, cards and finding how it all fits together inside a scrapbook album.  I love art <3

Have fun this weekend, and keep a look out for your heart.....sometimes you find them in the oddest of places ; )

And here's Gloria's photo.....

This week Carrie and I chose a heart picture because its Valentines Day on Monday.....Yeah the month of love.  So on that note I can honestly tell you I have been on the look out for hearts.  Last week I posted a heart on my blog that I saw while running.  It is a treetrunk that was cut in half and is now often used as a sitting place by surfers.  I loved the whole idea of what it stood for to me and what it represented.  That's how I chose this picture.  What it means me to.  This is a broken heart that has mended itself.  It represents stenth and tenacity.  I look at this tree trunk and see hope.  It's beautiful to me.  Its never going to die because it these strong roots and they hold it in place.  A perfect broken but stronger than ever heart.....That's what I see.  I hope you have fun dong this prompt as there should be many many hearts roaming around you this month.  Happy heart hunting.....

Love, Gloria and Carrie


  1. Great prompt!! I will be looking for my hearts! I love art too! That is why I am an art teacher! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. First of all, I want to say that I absolutely adore your blog here, and both of your individual blogs. =) I love the idea of finding hearts in nature. "Hart" is my maiden name so I'm particularly fond of them- year round!

  3. i love your hearts!!!!!

    the ones you found and the ones you nurture internally everyday!!!