Monday, June 20, 2011


*Swing Carousel*
(photo taken by Steph, photoshop actions by me)

This is my new favorite ride at the fair, and that's me in the photo with the pink shirt!  My sweet friend Stephanie and I went to the Del Mar Fair together last week and had a blast!!!  We ate yummy fair food, and walked around and saw almost everything.  I documented our day for this weeks photo prompt over at Bubblegum Life, so if you pop on over HERE, you can see all my pics from this day : )  Plus, if you visit Steph's blog, she has some pics up over there too that are really fun!

Do you have a favorite ride at the fair?  I think I like the swing carousel because it's so simple and pretty and you get to feel the wind in your face while you're flying up above the fairgrounds.  Perfect.

Well, I hope your day today is lovely.  Right now I'm drinking some hot apricot tea with vanilla creamer and thinking about what to work on next.  I'll probably give in to the fun project and do some scrapbooking, but eventually I know I'll have to get all the other stuff done too.  Happy first day of summer tomorrow!  Yay!!!  <3 Carrie

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  1. What a great photo! My favorite fair rides are the gigantic slides. I just wished it lasted longer! All that hike up to the top, and two seconds later you're at the bottom