Saturday, September 3, 2011

{day 3} clouds

{september} clouds

Today started out foggy with the sky completely covered in white as Ryan drove us to the Brockton Villa for brunch. Right now it's my favorite spot for a relaxing afternoon with yummy food. The atmosphere is light and beachy....and the actual restaurant is a cute white washed looking beach house right across the street from the ocean. You can see we ended up on their balcony with the best view, if you look in the reflection of Ryan's sunglasses.....

*our view in his sunglasses*

*brunch at the brockton villa*

The food was wonderful, so much so I think I was actually making hmmnnn noises in-between each bite!  And their Mexican mochas are divine.....perfect for sipping in the cool late morning weather we had today. Here I am enjoying my mocha....

*mexican mocha*

After eating, we went for a little walk along the water, stopping every once in a while to watch the sea lions play and big waves crash against the rocks...


As we were heading back towards the car, the fog lifted allowing a bit of blue sky to peak through.  Large birds were flying all around, and that's when I looked up to realize I finally had a chance at snapping my *clouds* photo prompt for today. Perfect.  My day ended up being so lovely.  I feel really blessed right now......and happy. <3 Carrie

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