Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{day 6} childhood memory

{september} childhood memory

One of my most vivid and favorite childhood memories is eating golden raspberries.  We would play outside building forts, exploring the woods, and just messing around during those wonderful summer months up in Washington.  When it was time for a break, I would head over to our garden where golden raspberries grew on a wire and wood fence.  The afternoon sun would warm them up so when you popped them in your mouth the sweet juice was amazing!  This summer raspberries have been my favorite fruit, so I thought it would be perfect to take a photo of the ones in my fridge for today's *childhood memory* prompt.  Delicious.  <3 Carrie

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  1. love your musings on childhood. As usual your blog is lovely. Haven't been around blog land much-trying to squeeze every last bit of summer in this year. cool weather means more indoor time. I will be back.