Saturday, September 10, 2011

Your Appointment with Saturday

For this week's photo prompt I wanted to focus on summer as it begins to come to a close. The prompt is to capture something that has become.....

A New Summer Tradition

{september} something i made

(These photos also happen to be my day 10 *something I made* photos for the 30 day photo challenge I'm doing this month over on my personal blog, Blume & Grow.  Fun!)

I have never really been a big ice tea fan, but this summer I started mixing homemade ice tea with different things like lemonade or flavored sparkling water.....and it's stuck.  I love it!!!  I've tried quite a few different mixtures and here are some of my favorites:
  • Tazo Rest (rose petals, valerian root and citrusy herbs) mixed with Simply Limeade (pictured above).  This one tastes like you're drinking a's floral and refreshing.
  • Tazo Refresh (mint with a pinch of tarragon) mixed with Simply Raspberry Lemonade.  Mint and raspberry's are so great together, and this is no exception!
  • Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry Berry mixed with Simply Raspberry Lemonade.  This ice tea is sweet and tart.....and so delicious.
If you're interested in the actual recipe I use, you can find it HERE on a guest post for My Creative Brightside.  I use the same steps and ratios for each one, so all you have to do is replace the corresponding ingredients with ones of your choice.  It's really easy, and a real treat to have at home or to throw into a travel mug for the road.

What's a new tradition that you've started this summer?

Have a wonderful day!
Love, Carrie

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  1. I loved this floral ice tea!! It's so yummy and super refreshing!