Saturday, October 1, 2011

{goodbye september} hello october

*goodbye september, hello october*

Goodbye waking up every day and looking forward to taking my photo of the day for the 30 day photo challenge.  Hello minibook filled with all my wonderful memories of September.  Goodbye to obsessively listening to Devo's album *Something For Everybody*, and hello my new obsession the *Hanna Soundtrack*.  Hello to still enjoying tons of fresh pink grapefruit everyday.  Goodbye warm weather, and hello to cooler days and walks outside.  Goodbye to  bare legs and hello tights with my dresses.  Hello to my Fall boots and goodbye my Summer slip-ons.  Goodbye to  homemade ice tea and hello salted caramel hot chocolate and hot maple tea with caramel cream.   Hello Fall scented candles, new twinkle lights, and freshly potted mums.  Hello pumpkins and goodbye summer colors. Goodbye September, hello October.  <3 Carrie

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