Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{about town} with stephanie | part 2

{abandoned} vineyard

As promised here is part 2 of my adventure with the beautiful Stephanie. After, thrifting, lunch and the flower shoppe, we headed out to a local lavender farm filled with excitement from good food and good finds at the thrift stores! On the way we saw this cool looking abandoned vineyard and I asked Steph to hop out of the car. She was kind enough to oblige me and my camera (I just love the reflection of her dress on her arm).....
  {abandoned} vineyard close

Next we found this field with rolling hills and tall wispy grass, so out we went! This time we took turns with my camera (also known as Clem).....

{field} grass {carrie} smile {carrie} side {carrie} looking {carrie} happy {stephanie} close {steph} looking {steph} laugh

(All photos taken by me except for the ones of me taken by Stephanie.  Photoshop actions by me.)

We eventually made it to the lavender farm only to find it closed to the public. The caretaker walked out to see what we were doing there and was sweet enough to let us take a few pics near the entrance.....but I'll save those pics for another time (I haven't taken the time to edit any of them yet). All in all, we had the absolutely BEST full day! Love and miss you Stephanie!!! <3 Carrie

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