Friday, April 27, 2012

{liebster} award

{april 2012} ponyo

Last weekend the lovely Madalynne gave me the Liebster Award. She has become a dear friend who I admire and adore.  Her blog is filled with inspiring interviews from other artistic bloggers, lessons on pattern making, and the funnest way to learn about everything fashion!!! Thank you kindly my sweet Madalynne!

Here are five blogs and lovely ladies that I am granting the Liebster award. If you haven't stopped by their blog before today will be s specail treat.....

Stephanie at My Creative Brightside.  She is the prettiest of girls inside and out.  On her blog you'll find crafty DIYs, adventures, fashion, food and much more!

Kara at I Just Might Explode.  This talented lady teaches the best online workshops, is a beautiful photographer, graphic designer and has her own quirky cute unique style!

Liz at Paislee Press.  I am in LOVE with her new Mini Masterpieces design at Shutterfly.  She uses clean simple design to make the special things pop.  Her digital art and photobooks are are must have!

Kelly at It's Me, KP.  She is an amazing scrapbook designer and also a world traveler.  Her blog is filled with only the best of things to make, eat and see!

Elise at Elise Joy.  Elise makes and sells lovely craft goodies.  Her blog is filled with lots of scrapbooking, everyday life, and comforting thoughts.

Each and everyone of these blogs are a must in my daily Bloglovin' routine and a joy to read.  Enjoy!  <3 Carrie


  1. you are a doll and I'm so glad we "met" as well and thanks for giving me some new blogs to check out :)