Saturday, April 7, 2012

{this} week

{red velvet} cupcake

This week I am:

  • Loving the gluten free red velvet with cream cheese frosting cupcakes from 2 Good 2 Be Cafe
  • Excited about wearing an Easter dress
  • Enjoying The M photography class by Kara Haupt
  • Packing up our sunny bathroom goods and miscellaneous odds and ends throughout our home
  • Still looking for a house with a fenced yard (for the puppies) to rent in Edmonds
  • Wishing I could make time to go to the movies (there are so many fun ones out right now)
  • Drinking lots of hazelnut decaf dry cappuccinos to give me that little extra burst of energy
  • Madly trying to finish up a big craft project for a friend
  • Thrilled that Instagram now has an App for Android!
  • Reminded often how much I love My Sweetie
  • Unhappy that Ponyo just started blowing his coat for Spring (great timing, huh?!?)
  • Feeling somehow peaceful in all this madness
  • Spending sweet time with good friends at Balboa Park for a picnic and photo fun
  • Listening to the sultry voice of Lindsey Pavao on the track Somebody I Used to Know
  • Kind of in shock that this is our last weekend in San Diego!
  • Smelling the fresh and calming scent of my Coconut Water candle from Bath and Body Works
  • Thinking I might add a little pink to my hair

What have you been up to?  <3 Carrie

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