Friday, October 5, 2012

{sequim} summer highlights

{lavender} festival
Before I get too carried away with this wonderful fall season, I wanted to make sure to share some of the special times I enjoyed with my family in Sequim this summer. 
Above is a photo from the Lavender Festival.  It was my first time going, and have to say that is was beautiful and smelled amazing!  Walking through all the vendor booths, picking a bushel of fresh lavender at one of the farms, enjoying loose leaf lavender mint tea and a gluten free vanilla lavender cupcake, were just some of the highlights. 
Over the summer I picked large amounts of fresh vegetables from my mom's garden, slept outside on a trampoline staring up at the stars near the Spit, swung back and fourth on a willow tree swing, went with Amber to pick out her wedding dress, played lots of fun games at her wedding shower party, and was also lucky enough to go on a special date with my Dad in Port Angeles.  Below is a photo of one of the freighters while in port.  We enjoyed a long leisurely afternoon at one of our favorite spots, Wine on the Waterfront.....he drank beer, I drank a crisp citrus white wine (I rarely drink white wine), we nibbled on smoked salmon, olives and nuts, talked about movies, laughed, smiled a lot, and finished our date off with a stroll along the port.  Pretty much perfect.  Love you Dad!
{sequim} summer collage{double} rainbow
{date} with my dad

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