Thursday, November 15, 2012

{two flyers} for fun holiday workshops

{Gingerbread House Event} Flyer
This week I have been busy designing these two flyers for upcoming workshops over in Sequim. The Gingerbread House Event is sure to be a blast for kids and already has quite a few sign-ups.....after all, Gingerbread houses hold their own bit of special holiday charm and whimsy.  So fun.
And guess what?!?  My Mom and I are actually going to be teaching the candle and ornament making for the Ladies Night Out!  Yesterday I made a bunch of candles just to refresh my skills and it was so gratifying (I'm burning one right now ;).  I think they'll make the perfect Christmas gift for a lot of my friends and family (a tea cup candle is so cozy after all).  If you're planning on heading over to the peninsula anytime soon, I'd plan on this event for's going to be awesome!!!  XO

{Ladies Night Out} Event Flyer

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