Thursday, December 6, 2012

{diy} our christmas card

{our diy christmas cards}
As promised here are our Christmas cards for this year with a very simple DIY on how I put them together. I knew I wanted something with snow so I chose a photo I took while snowshoeing in Snowbird, Utah last. Then I found some cute little penguin embellishments at the craft store (Michael's), added a little sewing and used blank note cards to bring it all together. Simple and cute.

{our diy christmas cards} supplies
  • Photo (I had 4x6" photos printed at Costco with the wording "Happy Christmas" in different colors to match my embellishments.  I added in the wording using Photoshop.)
  • Blank Note Cards (I already had these white ones, but you can get them at the craft store.  Make sure they are big enough to matte with your photo and have white showing around the edge.)
  • Embellishments (I found a package of cute penguins with different colored scarfs and hats at Michael's.)
  • Thread (Again, I chose colors to match my embellishments.)
  • Sewing Machine (This is optional because you can always embroider or hand stitch.)
  • Scissors
  • Paper Adhesive (I used a tape runner.)

As a fun little Christmas gift, you can download the "Happy Christmas" PNGs in all the different colors I used HERE.  The files are sized for laying over 4x6 inch photos, and set with a dpi of 300 for printing.  (Feel free to email me with any questions.)

{our diy christmas cards} instructions
Step 1: Pick out your thread, and thread it through your sewing machine.
Step 2: Sew directly onto your photo.  I chose to sew around the wording I added, but you could sew around any statement part of your photo.  I really like the dimension and texture this step adds.
Step 3: Trim the excess thread.
Step 4: Using your paper adhesive, attach your photo to the blank card.
Step 5: Add your embellishment on top of your photo/card.  All done.  XO

{our diy christmas cards} stacked {our diy christmas cards} in different colors


  1. I really love your Christmas card! Its one of my favorites I've seen. :) Love how its one of your own photos but also crafty. Good work!

    -Jenn V

  2. This is absolutely adorable! I love the stitched elements - it's right up my ally!

  3. Wow...Carrie, your Christmas cards are awesome! Love your great stitching... :) And the photos are fantastic!

  4. this is sooo pretty, love the little penguins!