Saturday, December 1, 2012

{paper garland} with melody of from scratch

Hi! I'm Melody of From Scratch. A great big thank you to Carrie for having me!
I have a very special holiday DIY to share with you all today, featuring the beautiful transparencies from Carrie's shop!

These are the transparencies I used:

I printed them onto unbleached brown paper (I buy the stuff by the ream these days. It's a sturdy text weight paper with a beautiful, natural color and texture that lends so much more warmth to every project than regular printer paper.) With four sheets of paper, I made a 15 foot garland.
Don't forget to print double-sided!

1. Using a compass, fill up your page with circles of different sizes. Be careful to avoid drawing any circles that intersect! A note on using a compass: Often, it is much easier to get a perfect circle if you spin you paper around, instead of spinning the compass.
2. Grab your scissors and cut them out! To save time, you can stack two or three sheets of paper on top of each other and cut them at once.
3. Now this is the fun part! Have all your cut circles in a pile next to the sewing machine. Start at the very edge of your first circle, and sew straight across the center. When you get to the other edge, simply feed in your next circle and repeat until you've used them all.
4. Hang up your beautiful new garland!
These are my suggestions for wonderfully festive uses…

And my personal favorite, for holiday and every day…

Best, Melody
Thanks so much for this fun holiday project Melody!  I just love the unbleached brown paper she used to print onto.....and I can't decide which is my favorite way to use this lovely garland (maybe the Christmas tree?), they are all so perfect.  Which is your favorite?  XO Carrie
P.S. Happy December to you! ;D


  1. This is a fun project!

    Happy first day of December to you too!

  2. What a fun project! I love how you used it for wrapping presents!

  3. how fun!! i like it hanging from the horns that something i would do =)