Thursday, February 14, 2013

{to my sweet} valentine

{valentine 2013}
Happy Valentine's to all my lovely friends today! The puppies helped me put together a valentine for Ryan this year.....they each wrote him a note and signed it with their paw print in paint (so classic - wish I could have taken photos of them painting!!).  For the supplies, I used mostly Basic Grey, some raccoon stickers, blue thread, and my dollar heart punch from Michael's.  XO

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  1. awww the paw prints are cute!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aw...this was so sweet!
    I really like the thoughtfulness that you expressed in taking time to help the pups paint cards for him. =)

  3. how adorable. I wish I could have seen the pups in action signing the cards.

  4. really cute! Love the puppy paws!