Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{challenge} 30 day #selfportrait

{challenge} 30 day #selfportait
Mid July to August I played along with the A Beautiful Mess 30 day Self Portrait Photo Challenge. If you follow me on Instagram you'll have already seen these each day as they were posted. The challenge was to explore different ways of taking self portraits, and even though I didn't get really creative it was still super fun and took me out of my comfort zone of the traditional selfie pic (I even learned how to use the self timer on my phone).  Plus, I had colored my hair pink a couple weeks before, and now I'm so happy to have these shots to remember my pink hair days.  Here are the details for each photo (from left to right and top to bottom.....they are not in chronological order):
  1. Date night with Ryan
  2. Playing with silhouette shots at sunset
  3. Loving this sheer, light airy fabric on such a hot day
  4. Having a wonderful weekend with my love
  5. Watching Shark Week in my new chair is my new favorite thing
  6. Target has some awesome neon stuff right now
  7. A little cooler today.  It's nice
  8. So much love for my boys
  9. Pink hair and pink lips.  Check
  10. Me laying in bed at night watching scrapbook videos
  11. Bun head
  12. Today's rain was so refreshing
  13. My last day with pink hair
  14. Love my fuchsia!
  15. Hello
  16. Did a little trimming in the backyard this afternoon
  17. Spent a long fun day at Ikea with My Sweetie
  18. Working on Project Life
  19. Enjoying our new Ikea pillows!
  20. A 90s print dress and braided chignon today (my first time trying out the hair tutorial on A Beautiful Mess)
  21. A double exposure shot taken during sunset just for fun!
  22. Kinda obsessed with messy braids right now
  23. Found this Hello Kitty soft drink at Cost Plus
  24. The pink is getting lighter and I like it
  25. Sunset.  My favorite time of day
  26. Stepping out of bed into this super soft rug is heaven!
  27. Winding down with late night TV
  28. Maiden braids and a vintage dress today
  29. My ombre pink to blonde hair is getting lighter
  30. Rain the last two days means more blurry photos
Anyone else play along?

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